Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Year 2017, will help digital marketing to grow one more step. As the technology is improving so will the ways by which we target and communicate with our targeted customers. Here a few Digital Marketing Trends are shared that will dominate the year 2017.

1.Video Ads

Video Ads will be dominating the online world.  Video advertisements will be created in different formats and ruling the SERP’s.

2. Mobile optimization

Year 2016 has witnessed a huge growth in mobile devices and mobile websites. The websites that were not optimized for mobile devices were highly penalized. To maintain their presence on SERP’s businesses have to focus more on Internet marketing that is also focused on mobile marketing.

3. Mobile application growth

Dedicated applications are offering all the features that mobile websites provide but in more better and refined way. Google has introduced app indexing which will benefits all these dedicated apps. In 2017 more and more mobile applications will be developed.

4. Conversions in Social medias

For so long, Social media has only be taken as a way by which companies share messages with their targeted consumers. In coming months this will change into more refined processes by which E-Commerce companies can also participate in conversions of viewers into buyers.

5. Increase in the number of wearable technology

Google Glass, Apple iWatch will transform the way people interact with each other and businesses. More wearable technologies will come into picture. Digital marketers will move on from Online marketing to real marketing.

6. High Quality content

High quality Content will dominate the online world.  The content will become more interactive.

7. Growth hacking

One of the major responsibility of Digital marketer will be growth hacking where they will have to not only grab the attention of their targeted customers but also retail it and convert those visitors into brand loyal.


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